Deep Learning From Basics to Practice

Version history


Big thanks to everyone who spotted and reported an error! In the list below, I've listed the name of the first sharp-eyed reader to spot each problem.

The online files will always contain the most recent version. If you've downloaded the book already, visit your Kindle library page to see if there's a new version available. If so, there will be a button to let you replace your current version with the new one, for free. If you're curious about which version you have, it's on the copyright page for each volume. There will usually be a delay of a few days between updates to this file and updates to the Kindle files, since I'll be batching the changes. If you see a change here, you'll know it's in the Kindle files on the store now, or soon.

Throughout the book I capitalize "Figure" and "Listing" when referring to a specific object, because in that context it's a name and thus a proper noun. So we'd see, "There is a figure below," and "The idea is shown in Figure 5-3." Style guidelines vary; this is the approach that makes sense to me.

Version 1.0.0

February 21, 2018

Initial Publication

Version 1.0.1

(update pending)

Copyright page (Mike Wong)
Fixed typo in "Institute"
Copyright page (Mike Wong)
Fixed typo in "Institute"
Copyright page (Andrew)
Added links and contact information
Title pages, both volumes (Andrew)
Added download page
Preface, Page iii, 3rd paragraph (David Pol)
Replaced "they are still require" with "they still require"
Preface, Page iii, 4rd paragraph (David Pol)
Replaced "applying them them" with "applying them"
Preface, Page iii, 6th paragraph (David Pol)
Replaced "presenation" with "presentation"
Page 8, paragraph 3 (Mauricio Vives)
Replaced "do that will" with "do that well"
Page 10, first line (Mauricio Vives)
Replaced "that the one" with "than the one"
Page 10, first paragraph (Mauricio Vives)
Replaced "Figure 1.out" with "figure out
Page 13, Figure 1.7 (Mauricio Vives)
Moved "Samples" label to y-axis
Page 13 (Mauricio Vives)
Inserted apostrophe in "it's using"
Page 13, Figure 1.9 (Mauricio Vives)
Moved "Samples" label to y-axis
Page 12, final paragraph (Andrew)
Replaced "so the label tells us the expert’s opinion gives us a score from 0 to 100, telling us whether that day’s weather does or does not make it a good day for hiking on that mountain." with: "The expert’s opinion, using a score from 0 to 100, tells how confident the expert is that the day’s weather would make for good hiking."
Page 15, final line (Mauricio Vives)
Inserted missing "h" in "no idea how"
Page 16, first full paragraph (Andrew)
Inserted "to" to read, "encourage the computer [to] generalize"
Page 22, first paragraph (Mauricio Vives)
Replaced "utensils" with "objects"
Page 25, second paragraph (Mauricio Vives)
Replaced "Figure 1." with "figure"
Page 35, last paragraph (Andrew)
Replaced "But in supervised" with "By contrast, in supervised"
Page 38, first paragraph (Andrew)
Replaced "dozens" with "dozens or more"
Page 38, second paragraph (Andrew)
Replaced "our deep" with "a deep"
Page 42, last paragraph (Eric Haines)
Replaced "to Figure 1.out" with "to figure out"
Page 49, second paragraph (Andrew)
Replaced "care about it" with "care about them"
Page 49, 5th paragraph (Kostya Smolenskiy)
Replaced "endup" with "end up"
Page 52, first paragraph (Andrew)
Replaced "that go" with "that we go"
Page 53, second paragraph (Andrew)
Replaced "chance of getting" with "expectation of getting"
Page 56, second paragraph (Andrew)
Replaced "0 to 1" with "0 to about 0.02"
Page 57, last paragraph (Andrew)
Replaced "just a programs" with "just programs"
Page 60, caption Figure 2.6 (Kostya Smolenskiy)
Replaced "all inputs" with "all other inputs"
Page 60, second paragraph (Christian Forfang)
Replaced "either of both" with "either or both"
Page 65, caption Figure 2.10 (Kostya Smolenskiy)
Replaced "cente r" with "center"
Page 66, first paragraph (Kostya Smolenskiy)
Removed line break after first sigma
Page 67, first paragraph (Christian Forfang)
Replaced "shape or a normal" with "shape of a normal"
Page 69, (Christian Forfang)
Replaced "return a 4" with "return a 3"
Page 107, first paragraph (Kostya Smolenskiy)
Replaced "Since in these pictures...landed in A" with "Given the sizes of A, B, and their overlap, the chance of landing in A given that we landed in B is greater than the chance of landing in B given that we landed in A."
Page 109, second paragraph (Andrew)
Reset third sentence to keep P(A,B)=P(A|B)*P(B) together
Page 109, final paragraph (Kostya Smolenskiy)
Replaced "right hand size" with "right hand side"
Page 116, final paragraph (Kostya Smolenskiy)
Replaced "light green for negative" with "light red for negative"
Page 126, first paragraph (Kostya Smolenskiy)
Replaced "line and pace" with "line and place"
Page 127, final parargraph (Kostya Smolenskiy)
Replaced "0 and 1" with "0 to 1"
Page 135, Figure 3.31 (Kostya Smolenskiy)
Corrected figure.
Page 138, Figure 3.34 (Mrinal Mohit)
Corrected the formula and picture for accuracy on next-to-last row
Page 148, final paragraph (Mrinal Mohit)
Replaced last sentence to describe new Figure 3.45
Page 149, Figure 3.45 (Mrinal Mohit)
Replaced figure and caption to illustrate an unintuitive example of perfect precision.
Page 238, third paragraph (Andrew)
Placed "tuba", "violin", "starfish", and "octopus" in quotes and removed italics
Page 241, third paragraph (Andrew)
Reset quote as block quote, and removed trailing comma
Page 241, fifth paragraph (Andrew)
Replaced "up a page by hand, one" with "up a page one"
Page 244, last paragraph (Andrew)
Replaced asterisk in 5*15 with multiplication symbol
Page 249, last paragraph (Andrew)
Replaced "melody" with "a melody"
Page 250, third paragraph (Andrew)
Replaced "dis-organization" with "disorganization"